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The U.S. House of Representatives' recent vote of 404-19 in favor of a bill to revive the National Scenic Byways Program was a victory two years in the making.  It was the result of strategic work by Scenic America and our allies in Congress and strong support from friends like you.

Help us build on this momentum towards a more scenic America!

This marked the first time ever a pro-scenic bill by Scenic America passed a chamber of Congress.  We are currently working to ensure that the Senate companion bill, S. 349, is passed and the National Scenic Byways Program is restarted.  One of the many reasons we support scenic byways is that billboards are prohibited on these special roads. 

Scenic America also worked hard to help secure the recent permanent reauthorization of the  Land and Water Conservation Fund, our country‚Äôs most important conservation program.  We're about to release the first-ever compendium of studies that makes economic, aesthetic and quality-of-life cases in support of the undergrounding of overhead wires, and we're partnering with Project Green Schools on an exciting new scenic education program.  Whew!

2019 is shaping up to be a landmark year of success and progress for Scenic America as leaders of the scenic conservation movement.  But none of this would happen without help from people like you who care about how our country looks.

I ask you to please consider a personal gift to Scenic America as we celebrate our successes and look ahead to many more!

With deep appreciation for your support,

Mark Falzone

P.S.  You can make an even bigger impact by becoming a sustaining supporter!  On the donate page simply select "make this a recurring monthly donation!"

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