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May 2021 News from Scenic America:
 Surface Transportation Bill Updates, Byways in Texas & More

Yesterday the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee approved its version of the highway bill. The text included funding for the Federal Lands Acquisition Program and utility undergrounding but omitted funding for scenic byways, despite an amendment introduced by Sen. Alex Padilla (D-CA). Our focus now turns to the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, which is expected to release its draft in early June. If your representative serves on this committee, we urge you to click this link to voice your support for scenic byways. 


Texas Byways Bill Passes in State Legislature

Scenic Texas' quest to establish a state byways program in the Lone Star State took a big leap forward this month as the State Senate passed an important byways bill this month. The legislation now awaits the governor's signature. 


More Scenic News from Texas

In addition to its progress on the byways front, scenic issues have taken center stage in Texas. Scenic Houston's campaign to stop digital sidewalk signs drew widespread attention, while a Supreme Court review of an Austin signage case awaits.  


When Byways Aren't Just Scenic
To qualify as one of America's Byways, a road must demonstrate at least one of six intrinsic qualities: scenic, natural, historic, recreational, cultural, or archaeological. Many of the designees don't claim "Scenic" as their qualifying characteristic. 


Scenic Pittsburgh Continues Work on Fineview Greenspace

Scenic Pittsburgh continued to make progress on its work to clean up the Fineview Greenspace with a cleanup earlier this month. By cleaning and clearing this viewshed, Scenic Pittsburgh plans to make this two-acre, steep-sloped property open and accessible to a community with limited access to other greenspaces.


Placemaking Spotlight: Franklin, TN

Just 20 miles from Nashville, the city of Franklin, TN, is a prime example of placemaking, thanks to its natural beauty and proactive approach to preservation.


Scenic Heroes: Ed T. McMahon

Inspired by travels in Europe, Scenic America's first president led the fight against ugliness and billboard proliferation in Scenic America's early years.  


FHWA Releases Byways Booklet

The Federal Highway Administration released its 2021 illustrative designation booklet. The booklet includes the newest designations, announced in February.


TAKE ACTION: Tell the House T&I Committee to Protect Trees & Fund Byways

Supporters whose representatives serve on the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee: we need your help. Please tell your Representative to include funding for byways and protections for trees in the highway bill. You can view the membership list here


Your Support Makes a Difference

From protecting trees to removing billboards to promoting byways, Scenic America has an ambitious agenda, and we can't do our work without your support. 


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