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News from Scenic America

Fall is fading into winter and pumpkins and foliage are giving way to trees and twinkling lights, reminding us that this year will soon be coming to an end-- but there's still much work to be done. As you read our latest news and developments, take note that we're asking for your help. Congress has the opportunity to fund scenic byways funding in the appropriations bill currently under development. Simply click the link below to send a message to your senators and representative telling them that this matters to you. We're grateful for your support.


Scenic Advocates Gather for 2022 Symposium

Approximately 100 scenic conservation enthusiasts from 17 states gathered in Nashville October 19-21 for the 2022 Scenic Symposium.


Hurricane Ian Underscores the Benefits of Undergrounding

As communities in Florida and throughout the Southeast grapple with the impacts of Hurricane Ian, the importance of utility undergrounding is abundantly clear.


New Study Highlights Digital Billboard Privacy Concerns

A new UK study explores how advertising companies are using digital billboards with facial recognition and other advanced technologies to target consumers, raising new concerns about personal privacy.


Scenic Pittsburgh's Green Space Restoration Efforts Transform Communities

Scenic Pittsburgh's work to convert vacant green spaces into urban havens serves as a model for other communities, as discussed in this Pittsburgh Magazine story.


Placemaking Spotlight: Jefferson Street, Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville's Jefferson Street was a hotspot for Black music, culture, education, and industry before the neighborhood was upended by the arrival of the interstate in 1957. A Nashville Public Television documentary explores its remarkable history.


Scenic Heroes: Lindsay Marshall

A physical therapist by training and a conservationist by passion, Scenic America Board Member Lindsay Marshall has a unique understanding of how the environment impacts our physical and mental health.


Tree Extinction and the Importance of Native Species

We often hear of extinction in the context of animals, but plants can—and have—become extinct, too. In fact, some 135 species of trees are facing extinction in the U.S. alone. 


TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress to Fund Byways

Both the House and the Senate have included funding for scenic byways in their appropriations bills, but there's more funding in the House bill and simply not enough in the Senate bill. Click the button below to tell Congress to support the higher funding level in the FY 23 appropriations bill.


Share Your Not-So-Scenic Photos

Where do you see scenic blight in your community? Help us build the case for beauty by sharing images of places and spaces in need of protection. Upload your photos via the link below and we'll share them on our social media channels and elsewhere.


We're Counting on You

Every day, our nation's scenic beauty faces new threats from irresponsible development, rampant billboards, and careless stewardship of our natural environment. Your gift makes a big impact in the fight for scenic beauty. We are grateful for your support.


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